Know your Competitors

In today's hyper competitive world, direct and indirect competitors are increasing faster than one can keep track off. Similarly, in today's hyper connected world, everyone has the ability to know more about their competition than ever before.

Colacube takes care of the tedious grunt work and intelligently filter out the irrelevant noise that will distract you. We are obssessed with giving you the right tools to know your competitors better than they know themselves.

Effective Content Management

Condition-based alerts only notifying you when there are changes

When your competitors website changes its content, Colacube tracks it automatically based on a pre-determined frequency and pre-configured degree of sensitivity. Colacube's easy and clear reporting format synthesise all the information to present a meaningful, full picture to you.

Robust Visual Selector

Be as specific or as general as you need to

Colacube allows you to select what you want to monitor and only alerting you when there are changes. It could be the whole page, or a specific area or element of a website that you prioritized. You can also set condition-based alerts to monitoring specific events such as compatitors' prices drops or keywords of interest.

Collaborative and Integrable worktool

Effortless and durable change history retrival

Colacube allows you to store change history and logs in Cloud, giving you the power to track old pages or go back a time-specific history for as long as you start tracking. You can also share any Colacube's intelligence and reports to your co-workers using other common collaborative worktools such as Slack channel.

Remove Annoying Visual Barriers

Unparallelled flexibility to monitor highly complex pages

Colacube is capable of comparing complex pages such as password-protected pages, interactive Javascript-dependent pages, PDFs and other multi-step, multi-page content. Colacube also has a specific feature to overcome any obstructive ads, GDPR pop-ups and/or other visual page blocks, etc.

Go beyond Pricing

Know your competitors and More

Tracking competitors is MORE than just knowing your competitors' pricing. Did they change their slogan? Did they enter a geographical market, like a new country that appeared on their webpage foot? Did they change their brand colour or logo? These small and seeming trival changes are difficult to monitor manually! Colacube monitors these minutate changes collectively and efficently. Allowing you to quickly form a meaningful picture of your competitors and interpret their strategy successfully.

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